How To: Enhancing Videos with Tactful Text

June 8, 2022

Jessica Goldfarb

Social Media Account Manager

Why get wordy? Adding a little bit of text is a fun and innovative way to drive engagement on your videos!

Whether you’re adding subtitles or just emphasizing a few select words, text gives a visual cue to the viewer that enhances their understanding and keeps them better interested.

A 2019 study by Verizon found that nearly 69% of people watch videos with the volume off while in public. While at home, that number drops to 25%. Adding captions and other text not only helps you reach these silent scrollers, but it also can help to ⭐emphasize⭐ certain talking points in your script.

Method #1: DIY It!

You can easily DIY your text for emphasizing those key words right in-app 📱 on many social media platforms. You can select your font, color, and set both the location and duration of your text snippets to match your video.

This method will work with emojis as well as plain text.

Method #2: Automate It!

If you’re looking to have full subtitles on your video, auto-generated captions have come quite a long way and can save you a lot of time. ⏰

Depending on the platform you’re uploading to, some have this software built in. If not, software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Filmora have auto-generation capabilities that are second to none.

Method #3: Outsource It!

Let’s say you want something a little bit nicer looking than just the plain text offered by most in-app editing software.

There’s no shame in hiring someone else for the job! There are plenty of third-party hires on apps like Fiverr that specialize in doing nothing but adding text to videos all day.

Boom. That’s it! Something as simple as adding text to your video just made viewers 80% more likely to watch all the way through to the end.

Now, all that’s left is to sit back, relax, and watch the views roll in! 😎

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