Video Shooting: Perfect POV

June 8, 2022

Jessica Goldfarb

Social Media Account Manager

If you’re stumped on what you can do to make your next video a little more unique, you might want to try coming at it from a different point of view… literally! From lifestyle shoots to product showcases, POV videography is a fun way to put a twist on any type of video!

Changing someone’s perspective is unexpected and exciting, and sure to capture your viewers’ attention. Here’s what you’ll need to pull it off successfully:

Creativity is Key

For the best quality, these videos should be shot with a wide or super-wide angle lens camera, but they can also be shot on a GoPro or even with your phone. Some cameras come with specialized attachments that will allow you to film hands-free by mounting the camera to your body, head, or even holding it with your mouth (yikes)!

All you’ll really need though is a camera and some creativity. If you don’t have any of those specialized camera attachments, then you’re also going to need a model to act as the viewers’ hands. This better be someone you’re comfortable getting close with, because the camera will have to be right over their shoulder the entire time. 

All About The Angles

Remember, you, as the camera, are acting as the viewers’ own eyes. You want them to feel as if they are actually in the scenarios you are filming, and be just as excited when they see themselves being handed that coffee or sinking that putt. 

The most important factor here is getting the correct angles with the model’s hands relative to the camera. If the hands are coming from impossible directions or are too far away, it’s going to break the illusion! 

The best tip for getting this right is to shoot and review your footage immediately after to make sure it looks natural. More likely than not you may need a couple of takes to perfect the shot. 

The Results? Worth it. 

POV videography is tricky and often requires a lot of re-shooting, but the results are so worth it. We’ll let this apartment lifestyle video here speak for itself: 

See? If done correctly, POV shooting allows the camera to essentially become a character in whatever you film. It takes the viewer out of their seat and puts them into the scenario of your choosing!

It is one of the most engaging styles of videography and is sure to give your next video that little extra “something” that you may be looking for.

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