The Celebrity "Treatment"

(What's in the Secret Sauce?)

Jessica Goldfarb

Social Media Account Manager

Class is in session! After years and years (showing our age here) of creating content, you pick up a thing or two. Our goal here is to bring those tips and tricks to you in bite-size pieces. 

Every article + newsletter we write are made with one purpose: you will gain at least one golden nugget to up your content game. From photo editing hacks to iPhone videography, we’re happy to share some knowledge. Today, that knowledge is “treatments”. 

Enough small talk, let’s get to the goods!

Smooth Sailing on Shoot Day

There are times when everything aligns and business is BOOMING. Always a good thing, but it can mean double or even triple shoot days! We had one such day not too far back and are proud to say all three shoots went amazingly. Check out some of the awesome shots from those (click to enlarge): 

Talk about being spread thin! Was it overwhelming and stressful? Actually no, and one of the reasons why is due to our super simple, yet effective method for keeping our shoots on task and running smoothly: we call them treatments.

Here’s how it works: we meet with our partners beforehand and discuss the shoot concept, objective, and ideal outcome. We then present an aesthetic guide and shot list via a meticulously detailed presentation.  

These presentations prevent miscommunication in pre-production and ensure an aligned vision. They also help keep us on track come shoot day. We are visual learners here – having a treatment in place gives our team a visual guide to reference as we execute throughout the day.

Treatments let our partners know what to expect too, and the quality that comes from that meticulous detailing lets you know that you’re in good care. 

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