Revise on the Run: The Best Editing Apps

June 8, 2022

Jessica Goldfarb

Social Media Account Manager

Do it all from your phone! Ever shot a video/ pic that needed a little… extra love? 🫣

Gone are the days of slow upload speeds and photoshop tutorials.Put the laptop down. Today, we’re talking editing apps.

We’ve all done it! Throwing that Valencia filter over an Instagram pic or using the blur tool on those under-eye bags (we don’t judge).

Congrats, you’ve already dipped your toes into using editing apps!

And if you’ve ever looked at the app store to try to pick the best one to use, you might be looking a little bit like Drake here. 😤

With so many on the market, here are our 3 top picks (photo AND video) for the computer-avoidant editors out there.

Best Video Editing Apps

(Video editing apps all have some of the same basic features: trim clip, add music, speed up, slow down, crop, etc.)


First on our list is InShot. This app is incredibly versatile! On the video editing side, it has all the essentials. Plus unique filter options, a huge sticker library, a de-noise tool (for darker videos), and much more.

Not to mention you can export in 1080p, the industry standard. Some of the effects and advanced features require the “Pro” version, but there are plenty of free options to choose from.

Price: $3.99/ month (free version available)


Best Photo Editing Apps

Adobe Premiere Rush

Who doesn’t love everything fully automated? (Content on Autopilot, anyone? ) Adobe Premiere Rush has all your basic video editing tools as well as a unique feature of fully automating your video to be trimmed and timed to music. Faster editing means faster uploads and more time cruising through those likes! Keep in mind – you can’t edit vertically, so this app isn’t ideal for reels or Tik Tok videos.

Price: $9.99/ month OR included in your Adobe Suite plan


Vixer is one of the more user-friendly editing apps out there.

For the non-tech-savvy among us, you shouldn’t have a hard time figuring things out. The free version is pretty basic and does have a length limit, but if you’re willing to shell out a little cash you can unlock awesome features like animated text, exporting in 4k, and a unique family sharing option à la the cloud.

Price: $2.99/ month

Best Photo Editing Apps

Most photo editing apps have the same or similar basic features: brightness/contrast, tone, crop, and some filters like black and white or sepia.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile:

This version of Lightroom is ✨free✨, and has nearly every tool that its desktop counterpart has.

The most helpful feature (in our opinion) that this app has that others do not is its advanced healing tool. Say goodbye to blemishes or that sock on the floor you forgot to move out of frame!

Price: $FREE.99


Looking for a unique way to showcase a landscape or panorama?

SCRL’s main feature is to cut your photo right down the middle so that when you swipe through an image carousel (multiple photos on the same post) they fit together seamlessly. The resulting effect makes it seem like it’s all one photo again, zoomed in to show detail.

One of our favs for the beloved “swipey post”.

Price: $14.99/ year (free version available)


Canva is more than just a photo editor. It has graphic design options, filters, collage templates, text with hundreds of fonts, and more.

You can edit your photo with basic tools like brightness/contrast, and create a masterpiece using countless other functions. You can also access your same media from a desktop, should you decide to accept computers back into your life after reading about the abilities of phones.

Price: $12.99/ month (free version available)

Whatever you’re editing, as always, make sure it’s still your authentic self.

 You don’t need face filters and heavy editing to post that photo. Use editing to enhance who you are and what you want to show, and WORK IT!

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