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Masters of the auto industry

The vast majority of our career has been spent making hundreds of videos throughout the auto industry. From training videos to grand openings. We know how to make your automotive business stand out and look amazing.

"10/10 recommend. We’ve used them for events, training videos and photo shoots for printed collateral. At this point, they’re pretty much an extension of my company’s communications team."
Carson Simpson
Marketing @ Take 5 Car Wash


Think short-form, catchy content that doesn’t look or feel like an ad. These short-form videos are the driving force behind algorithms and engagement on social media right now. The clips are primarily geared toward Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok.

Testimonials. Trends. How-To’s. You name it, we’ve made it.

Landing Page

The mac daddy. The big kahuna. You’ve got your audience right where you want them – on your landing page! This is where you share who you are and why you’re so amazing.

Also referred to as a promo, hype, “about us” video, etc. and typically end with a call to action for your audience.

Absolute Rock Stars!


“The RedefineU team achieved the branding image we were looking for and were able to excel in every aspect of our production. Putting cuts together in ways that create such a dynamic, exciting, fun & most of all memorable video that our customers will be beyond pleased to view and share!! Keep Crushing it!!

Jonathon Best

CEO, Better Collision

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