RedefineU Originals – Backdrop Coffee

RedefineU Originals: Backdrop Coffee

About Backdrop Coffee

Backdrop Coffee is coffee with a purpose. It’s about more than just your cup of joe, it’s about the entire experience and really understanding not only the process, but the people behind the process as well. From the roastery to the design table, they employ those with disabilities and give them an opportunity to share their stories and perspectives through the beautiful artwork that adorns the shop. 

The experience at Backdrop Coffee is multi-sensory. You smell the beans being roasted, you see the artwork, you hear the gentle music, and of course, you taste the coffee! There is also the unique opportunity to taste different roasts and blends in a sensory tasting experience that involves textures and visuals that compliment the different flavors.

All in all Backdrop Coffee is a hidden gem of a coffee shop. With so many places to get your morning mug, they stand out in offering just a little bit more. Backdrop Coffee truly delivers on its promise of being “different”, and it’s definitely in a good way! 

The Gallery

The Video

Shooting Backdrop Coffee

We arrived on the video shoot day bright and early and there was already a crowd forming, eager to get a taste of the experience. As we stepped inside we were greeted by a space that was unique, modern, fresh, and incredibly welcoming. 

Toby, the owner, finished up giving a tour as we sipped our coffee and captured footage of the coffee being made. We sat down with him soon after, and he told us the story of Backdrop Coffee– their founding, their mission, their goals, and more. It was inspiring, to say the least. Toby is a man who is clearly passionate about the work he does, and it shows not only in his interview, but in the entire shop.

While we were there filming we could see the mission and goals Toby talked about being clearly reflected in every aspect of the shop. The sensory tasting experience was both informative and fun, and it offered a unique experience for those participating that is sure to stick with them for years to come. We know that our filming experience here is one that will stick with us, and we can’t wait to come back. Next time, we’ll have to try the food too!

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